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We Love Our Moms And Here’s Why… How About You?

SHE MAY HAVE TAUGHT YOU how to count, how to share your toys, and how to brush your teeth. And although each of our family dynamics vary greatly, one thing is certain… There’s really no way that we can adequately pay back our moms for the gift of life.

Mother’s Day Is A Chance To Say, “Thanks, Mom”

We’d like to add our voices to the chorus and share an expression of thanks to each of our moms. We’d love to hear YOURS too!

From Our Team:

We asked each team member to share a thought or favorite memory about their own mom:

From Dr. Mori:

“When I think about Mother’s Day and my mom I want her to know how much I appreciate all she has done and still does for me. She has been there my whole life giving me unconditional love and support. She has always been there during the good times and when things didn’t go exactly as I would have hoped. Mom set a great example for me in regards to work ethic, respect for others, and to appreciate what you have. Most importantly, she is a great cook and taught me how to make all the authentic Italian food I love! I joke that I’m a better cook than her but we all know that will never be true! Happy Mother’s Day!”

From Erin:

“I’m not very good with words but my mom means the world to me. My fondest memory is her awesome cooking, cooking with me, and now with my kids, teaching us all her secrets. She’s my best friend. Always there to shop with, talk with, and always listens when I have a problem. She’s also the best Grandma (Gram) as my kids call her. She also has a green thumb and I always ask her for advice on plants. I would be at a total loss without her. I’m crying now writing this. I need to go and call her…”

From Beth:

“What I loved most about my mom was her genuine love for others and determination. She always stood up for what she felt was right no matter how it made her look to others. She was strong and stubborn and just the best mom ever! ”

From Denise:

“My Mother passed away suddenly a couple of years ago. Not a day goes by that I do not think about her or miss her so very much. My all time favorite memory is Sunday dinners with the entire family! Mom was an awesome cook and she loved to laugh and enjoy time with the family.”

From Kaleigh:

“My favorite thing about my mother is her support. Even when I didn’t deserve it she was always there guiding me in the right direction or helping me with whatever I thought was best at the time. With no judgments along the way. And her heart. She has a big heart! So I’m thankful for her big heart and continued support on my bumpy journey.”

From Sandy:

“Growing up I always knew I had a great mom but it wasn’t until I had my own children and realized what a monumental responsibility it was, did I really know how very special and dedicated she has been. She has celebrated with me during good times, been there with a lending ear during times of problems, and has been there to comfort me during sad times. I am grateful for my mom, my friend. Happy Mothers Day Mom! I love you!”

From Gloria:

“My mother was a “Tiger Mother” before that term was coined. It wasn’t easy…always trying so hard to be good enough, smart enough, etc. However, in retrospect I’m incredibly grateful because it instilled in me a very intense work ethic and taught me to never settle for anything less than the very best from myself and others.”

From Deb:

“My Mom has been the most influential role model in my life. She has always been there for me. She is strong, yet she has a soft side. I will always be grateful for her loving and understanding way…She taught me to value and respect myself. But she gave me independence to grow and learn on my own. She has always been there for me and I love her…..Always!”

From Morgan:

“Mothers and daughters are closest when daughters become mothers! I am thankful for my mom being there for me on this crazy journey called MOTHERHOOD! She has given me good advice and answered all of my silly questions. For that I am thankful! Love you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!”

From Shannon:

“Now that I’m a mom, I can appreciate my mom…her caring and nurturing ways and everything she does for our family even more. I realize that she has taught me how to care for and love my daughter and my family through her example.”

From Teesha:

“My Mom passed away 3 years ago from lung cancer. It was the worst and best experience of my life. God really prepared her heart in those last days. I will never forget her saying to me that she couldn’t wait to leap into the arms of Jesus when he came for her! She was so brave! I miss her on Mother’s Day and every day!”

Think About Your Own Mom As You Watch:

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Thanks for being our valued patient and friend. We appreciate you.


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