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  • Anonymous says:

    Great staff:) Reasonable quotes

  • Hemmelgarn Family says:

    We love Mori Orthodontics! They are patient centered, concerned, caring, and friendly. No matter what our need (broken wire, popped bracket, tight schedule) the staff always address our needs promptly and efficiently. If all medical/dental practices were run like Mori Orthodontics life would be so much better! Unlike our other practitioners, we rarely wait more than 5 minutes to be seen and are in/out efficiently every time. Plus, you always know what treatment occurred and patient expectations until the next appointment.

  • Heidi Anderson says:

    We just joined the Mori Orthodontics family. His price was reasonable and he treated my daughter with a compassion that I had not seen at any of the other estimates we had gotten. She just had her first appointment after getting her braces on. I got the date mixed up and we didn’t actually have an appointment for that day. The lady at the desk said it was no big deal and to hang on just one second. She left and came back out and said that they could squeeze my daughter in right then. Talk about customer service. I have 3 more kids at home who will all need braces soon and we will be lifelong customers of Dr. Mori. Thank you for going above and beyond when you certainly didn’t have too.

  • Kelly Fugate says:

    Love mori orthodontics! They are fabulous with my son and always got us right in for emergencies with his braces.

    • Mori Ortho says:

      Thank you so much Mrs. Fugate! We really appreciate you taking the time to let us know about your experience! We are a patient centered practice and we’re glad it shows! Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives!

  • The Booher Family says:

    Dr. Mori and the staff at Mori Orthodontics have been wonderful to work with. They are organized and very accommodating and we love the fun extra opportunities they offer for the kids. It is a very kid friendly environment. Our daughter felt very special the day she got her braces removed when they played her favorite song and came out holding an armful of goodies. What a wonderful experience we’ve had!

    • Mori Ortho says:

      WOW! Thanks Booher Family!!! We really appreciate your very kind words! We strive to be all of the things you mentioned every day for our wonderful patients and their families! We truly consider ourselves fortunate that you are a part of our “Mori Ortho Family”!!! Thank you again!!! :-)

  • Nancy Bates says:

    Dr. Mori’s staff are very professional and this is the most organized office office I have ever entered! They have it together from the time you consult to the end!! Every step was made easy for me, from payment to appointments to actual visits. I will refer anyone I know needing braces to Dr. Mori!

    Thank you for everything you have done to make my daughter happy with her teeth. She is very proud of the work you have done and it definitely shows in her smile!

    • Mori Ortho says:

      Thanks for making our day Nancy! We appreciate your kindness! Making sure our patients and their families have the best experience possible from start to finish is our goal, and it’s easy when we’ve got wonderful folks like you all in our “Mori Ortho Family”!!! We are so happy for your daughter!!! Thank you again for your very nice review! :-)

  • The Grote Family says:

    Our son recently had his braces removed, and we are very pleased with the results! The staff celebrated the day they came off, and made him feel so special.

    From price, promptness and problem solving to a pleasant, very skilled staff, Dr. Mori has established a wonderful practice.

    Congratulations and thank you!

  • Kristen says:

    I recently had a friend telling me how her children’s orthodontist office had iPads everywhere and a coffee bar and a slush machine and all the workers had matching designer dresses and the customer service was phenomenal. She inquired with the staff and they explained how a professional consultant comes in and makes sure all of that happens.
    I proceeded to tell her that at my children’s orthodontist the customer service is also phenomenal and the staff is so kind and pleasant and very very fun, it seems without even trying, so all those bells and whistles aren’t necessary because kindness is all that matters and my family loves going there iPads or not.
    I will continue to recommend your office as I have done for years.

  • Pep Miller says:

    I just wanted to thank Dr. Mori and his team for taking such great care of Sam.
    Sam had so many issues with his wire and when I called and expressed my concern, they immediately took action!
    Dr. Mori, himself took care of Sam and alleived my frustrations. Sam is my fourth child to go through this practice. I loved this team then, and I love it today! Thanks again guys, for a job well done!

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