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What Our Team Loves About Dr. Mori

IT’S SO GREAT TO GET UP each day, go to work, and be part of something great—a practice that truly cares about our patients. We love helping people maintain great dental health. Most importantly, we value the relationships we build with you—and with other team members.

That’s why we’re so grateful for the person who makes it all possible, Dr. Mori.

Dr. Richard Mori was born and raised in suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He received a B.S. degree in Pharmacy from Duquesne University in 1983. Dr. Mori earned his dental degree at the University of Pittsburgh and completed his post-graduate specialty training at the University of Maryland. After practicing in suburban Washington D.C., he and his wife decided to move to the Midwest.

Dr. Mori has been practicing in Dayton, Ohio since 1999. He joined Dr. Gary Igleburger, at that time, to form IMorthodontics. Since Dr. Igleburger retired, our practice is now known as Mori Orthodontics.

Dr. Mori is a board certified member of the American Association of Orthodontists and also belongs to the Great Lakes Society of Orthodontics and Ohio Association of Orthodontists. He is a member of the American Dental Association and is on the board of directors for the Dayton Dental Society. He enjoys attending many continuing education seminars and staying current with the most recent clinical and technological advances in the practice of orthodontics.

Most of all, Dr. Mori cherishes the opportunity to make improvements in the dental health of his patients. He wants to provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere where his patients can feel comfortable and confident they are receiving the best orthodontic care.

In his spare time, Dr. Mori enjoys watching his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers play, traveling, cooking, and spending time with his family.

Why We Love Dr. Mori

As a little surprise to Dr. Mori we wanted to show our appreciation! We asked team members to comment with a favorite memory about Dr. Mori, or something about why they love working with our fearless leader!


I love working for Dr. Mori because of his strong moral values. I am treated so well here and that means the world to me and speaks volumes about his character. He is honest, trustworthy, respectful, and thank goodness has a sense of humor!!!! Not a lot of people can say that about their employers! I’ve found a great home!


Dr. Mori is the fairest and most generous employer I have ever worked for. It is apparent how much he cares for his “work family”. He never leaves the office in the evening without thanking us daily.


I have never met a more caring Doctor/Person/employer, than Dr. Richard Mori. I can honestly say Dr. Mori’s heart is huge!! I have been working in the finance department for going on five years, and it is not about the money with him! He cares about his patients and getting the best possible results for them. He loves his wife and his family, and we are all family here at Mori Orthodontics!


There’s so much to love about being part of Dr. Mori’s Team! He is an awesome person to work with! One of my favorite things about him is the time he takes with each and every patient he sees in a day. He always makes himself available to answer any and all questions regardless of how busy he is. He’s a true model of how caring about your patients should be! I wish the doctors that I have to see were as awesome as him! Great job Dr. Mori! This member of your team thinks you’re the best!


I like Dr. Mori because he genuinely cares about our patients and his team. He is continually trying to do more for our patients, making sure they have everything to facilitate their orthodontic treatment. This ensures that every patient has excellent treatment and a great smile.
He also takes care of his team. He continues our education on many levels, from providing a positive atmosphere in the work place, to sending us to any class necessary, so that we may provide our patients with the best care possible! He wants us to enjoy our work and he strives to make Mori Orthodontics a fun, successful place to be for his patients and Team! These are just a few of the reasons I like Dr. Mori!
Thanks Dr. Mori!


I have known Dr. Mori for many years now because I am actually a recent patient of Dr. Mori’s. The great smile I have now is the reason for my confidence today! Things have come full circle and I now work with him! I can tell you that I loved being a patient of his but I love working for him ten times more! He is an awesome boss and person and I would not want to work anywhere else.


I try not to brag on his cooking too much (so that he will continue to prove his cooking skills and keep making food for us, wink, wink) but Dr. Mori is a great cook!! He recently made a gourmet lunch for all of us including homemade crab cakes, grilled veggies, and dessert with organic fruit. Ah-may-zing!


I appreciate Dr. Mori not only my employer but also as a friend. We have worked together for many years and have been through some great times and some difficult times. Over the years he has continued to provide a workplace with the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally for those who can accept that challenge. He has set high standards professionally both of himself and his team to achieve the highest quality of service and patient care. He is not only caring and generous with his patients but also very caring and generous with his team! Thanks for all you do Dr. Mori!


I love how every evening after seeing all of our patients he personally thanks each one of us and he is completely sincere about it!


Dr Mori is very unselfish and kind. He puts his staff and patients before himself. He is sincere and all his work comes from the heart. In the little time that I’ve known him, this stands out the most.


I love working with Dr. Mori because he is very caring. He is always appreciative towards us and what we do. He has taught me everything I know and has given me a great opportunity. I’m very thankful for that!


There aren’t many people who would choose to work with their spouse. It’s easy for me to work with my husband because he is a genuine, down to earth person whom I respect and admire immensely! I am very blessed to have such a wonderful husband!
Thanks for all you do, Dr. Mori!

To Our Patients…

Do you have something to add? Any special experiences that you’ve had with Dr. Mori? Please add your own comments below!


2 responses to "What Our Team Loves About Dr. Mori"

  • Barbara Halabi says:

    I enjoyed reading all the tributes to Dr. Mori! Truly, truly each and every time my family visits your office we are treated like family. Dr. Mori never seems rushed, treats us with respect and answers our questions. He is truly one of a kind! Our family thanks your family for such awesome care each and every time we visit your office.

    The Halabi Family!

  • Nancy Bates says:

    My daughter absolutely thinks the world of Dr. Mori!! How many kids look forward to seeing their orthodontist?? Well, I can honestly say my daughter does and Dr. Mori is so kind and caring. He always took his time with her and never rushed out to see his next patient. Her teeth are beautiful! She is so much more confident in herself since Dr. Mori corrected her teeth through Invisalign. I highly recommend him to anyone needing braces. THANK YOU Dr. Mori for taking care of Taylor Bates!!!

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